The Great Oaks Education Fellows

Our Americorps Fellowship Program

The Great Oaks Fellowship is a diverse group of recent college graduates who give a year of their life to a cause greater than one’s self. Serving as an AmeriCorps member, Fellows coach, mentor, and lead small group instruction for several class periods per day. Fellows also have the opportunity to participate in secondary activities, which can include providing in-class and curriculum support, organizing and leading after school clubs, assisting sports teams, and/or supporting positive school culture initiatives.

There are few things as rewarding as a year of service in an urban public school. Great Oaks prides itself on providing a memorable experience for students and tutors alike at all four of our school communities. It is our goal that everyone in the Great Oaks family takes emphatic steps towards a successful career, both in education and beyond. The Education Fellowships last one academic year, from August through June, which means that all new Fellows join and complete the Education Fellowshiptogether. This allows Fellows to foster a unique and shared group experience, an experience that often extends far beyond their service year.

Some Fellows are interested in education policy and wish to experience life on the ground in an urban school. Others plan to pursue a career in medicine, law, or to enroll in another graduate program and wish to first give a year of service. For Fellows who wish to become high-performing teachers, Great Oaks Fellowship offers multiple pathways to certification.

Our Great Oaks Education Fellows are:

Passionate Committed Driven Flexible Team Players Tenacious

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Benefits of Serving a Year at Great Oaks

To help stretch your stipend, we offer housing to all of our Fellows. This is a benefit that most AmeriCorps programs are unable to offer which helps our fellows financially and also builds strong school communities. Housing accommodations are located just a few blocks from the school, within the community where our students live. All apartments are fully furnished, including all basic utilities and WiFi, and we also supply some basic household items too.

Living Stipend
The living allowance for all AmeriCorps programs for the 2022-2023 school year ranges from $16,502 – $20,627.

Segal Education Award
Fellows under the AmeriCorps program are eligible for a Segal Education Award after the completion of their service. The award for the 2022-2023 school year is $6,495.

Health Insurance
Fellows under the AmeriCorps Many of our Fellowship members elect to remain on their parents’ health insurance plans, however, we will help you to access a health insurance plan and provide a subsidy if there is an out of the pocket premium.

Professional Development
Fellows are supported by knowledgeable school administrators and educators in our school community. In this role, you will develop strong skills in delivering instruction, data analysis, and working with diverse learners. In addition, you will foster relationship building skills and practice professionalism in the workplace. Great Oaks also supports fellows in their next steps post-fellowship, whether it’s to become an educator or to go on to pursue the infinite number of careers fellows may be considering.


Great Oaks provides a unique opportunity for recent college graduates to grow in a supportive community of peers who are passionate about urban education. Serving for a year at Great Oaks is impactful. The work is both hard and rewarding, and our model is set up to build community and provide support. You will have roommates who are also going through the same experience and will be able to support one another as you go through the challenges of your service year together. Many fellows have developed lifelong friendships during their service year with Great Oaks – we’ve even had a few marriages!

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