Family Involvement

Parent and family involvement is a vital part of the academic success of our students. We fully stand behind the concept, “it takes a community to raise a child.” Our school actively aims to keep each child’s at-home support system involved in their education process, from student support meetings, to learning opportunities through our Parent University, to family fun events and sports.

We are a free, public charter school that serves the students of Wilmington, DE, and the surrounding areas. We strive to cultivate a joyful learning atmosphere and focus on providing rigorous instruction while also supporting and encouraging the exploration of each student’s talents.

What Makes Us Different

We want every student to graduate from college and we invest the extra resources to support each individual student as they chase their dreams. We provide students with two hours of daily tutoring and mentorship from our Education Fellows to help students develop their skills and explore areas of interest. In our high school, we empower our students to take their skills to the next level by exploring career pathways, planning for their future goals, and becoming change-makers in their community. We believe that by providing a great charter school education, supported by excellent teachers and our dedicated fellows, we can set our students on the path to success.

Our Academic Model

High Expectations for Success in College and Beyond

Every student deserves a chance to succeed in college and life afterward. We set the bar high for how our students perform academically and how they carry themselves. We have similarly high expectations for our fellows, teachers, and staff members, and they work relentlessly to support our students. At Great Oaks, students and families can expect a rigorous charter school curriculum, a focused learning environment, and a team dedicated to success. In our high school we offer dual-enrollment and AP courses to further support our students on their journey to college and beyond.

Culturally Relevant Academic Curriculum

We believe that our students are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why we have invested valuable resources in building a curriculum repertoire that is both highly rigorous and directly applicable to the real world in the 21st century. Our world is changing every day and we strive to push Great Oaks students to think outside of the box, with an eye for justice and a posture of compassion, so they are ready for a world that desperately needs their leadership.

Unparalleled Individualized Instruction

Our mentoring model enables students to catch up if they have fallen behind and pushes them to go even further when they’re excelling academically. Our commitment to providing 2-hours of daily tutoring in our school ensures that our students master the skill of “goal setting and getting” in time to lead and succeed in high school.

Commitment to Family and Community Engagement

Great Oaks parents and guardians are essential members of our community. As such, we regularly invite them to a variety of school events, ranging from report card conferences and ceremonies celebrating student success to plays and art shows. We empower parents to support their students through our “Parent University” days. Additionally, our Fellows and staff members regularly call home to give updates on student progress.

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New Students

Welcome to the Great Oaks Family! We are excited to begin this journey with you. For general questions please contact Ricki Hernandez, Office Manager at [email protected]

Clubs and Sports

At Great Oaks, we support the exploration of talents, teach the students new skills, and ensure they are able to pursue their artistic and academic interests. We encourage students to take part in our robust after-school and summer programming. Check out the full list of clubs and sports that you can get involved in.

Join Our Family Tree

Our mission is to provide a safe, effective, and innovative learning environment that empowers each individual to reach their highest potential. With a high dosage of mentorship and small class sizes, our students receive personalized attention that helps them thrive. Additionally, we have a dedicated Special Education department that offers specialized support to our students with unique needs.

At Great Oaks, we are a family. Let’s grow together.

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