About Great Oaks

We at Great Oaks Wilmington believe success is achievable for every child. We provide high-quality, college-preparatory education for children in grades 9-12. Our students benefit from the strengths of our community — we provide high-quality mentorship, rigorous, culturally-relevant curriculum, and robust after school programming. Our students are on the path to being engaged citizens and leaders in an ever-changing world and we walk beside them every step of the way. Learn how you can take the first steps toward joining our family today!

For questions and for more information about our school or the School Choice application process, feel free to call us at (302) 660-4790 or send our Office Manager, Mr. Ricki Hernandez, an email at [email protected].

Enrollment Process and Timeline

To apply online, please complete the enrollment application via the schoolchoicede.org website. This application allows you to apply and/or waitlist for any school that participates in the School Choice Application process. Once you’ve completed your application, expect an email notification and/or a phone call for your application results.

Enrollment Timeline:

  • December – March
    We accept enrollment applications online via schoolchoicede.org. Families who apply are invited to attend either an Open House or a 1-1 Tour.
  • Mid-March
    Families receive application results via email notification with an invitation to attend an orientation session. We will also call all newly accepted families directly to welcome them to our school community.
  • End of March – End of August
    Families that missed the initial application window or who are unsatisfied with their application results have the opportunity to choose directly or be placed on our waitlist via the School Choice system.

If you have any questions about your application, the timeline, process, or results, please feel free to call us at (302) 660-4790 or send our Office Manager, Mr. Ricki Hernandez, an email at [email protected].

Start the Enrollment Process

We’ll reach out and help you navigate the DE School Choice process and answer any questions you have!

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If you’d like to see more of our facility before applying, feel free to schedule a tour with us today!