Leland Kent headshot
Leland Kent Executive Director
Damien Burke headshot
Damien Burke Chief Operating Officer
Samanta Lopez headshot
Samanta Lopez Middle School Principal
Tamara Price headshot
Tamara Price Assistant Middle School Principal
Kaitleen Gillis headshot
Kaitleen Gillis Director of Student Supports
Amanda Taylor headshot
Amanda Taylor Director of Academic Programs and Post-Secondary Success
Karlin Larkin headshot
Karlin Larkin Director of Literacy
Annette Roskam headshot
Annette Roskam Math Coach
Kendra Giardiniere headshot
Kendra Giardiniere Operations Manager
Ricki Hernandez headshot
Ricki Hernandez Office Manager
Kendria Waltower headshot
Kendria Waltower Family and Community Engagement
Nathalia Joshua headshot
Nathalia Joshua Executive Assistant
Shana Roberts headshot
Shana Roberts Technology Coordinator
Lacrecia Stewart-Henderson headshot
Lacrecia Stewart-Henderson Dean of Students
Bridget Strupczewski headshot
Bridget Strupczewski Guidance Counselor
Jamal Tate headshot
Jamal Tate 9th Grade Special Education Teacher
Destiny Pennington headshot
Destiny Pennington 10th Grade Special Education Teacher
Kelsie Lozada headshot
Kelsie Lozada 11th Grade Special Education Teacher
Zelphair Grant headshot
Zelphair Grant 6th and 7th Grade Special Education Teacher
Julia Joy Dumas-Wilks headshot
Julia Joy Dumas-Wilks 8th Grade Special Education Teacher
Rasheeda Ames-Davis headshot
Rasheeda Ames-Davis School Nurse
Mary Kelly headshot
Mary Kelly MS Substitute Teacher
Rodney Brownwell headshot
Rodney Brownwell 6th Grade Math/Science, 8th Grade Math
Cassandra Calderon-Castro headshot
Cassandra Calderon-Castro 7th Grade Social Studies
Surrell Holley headshot
Surrell Holley 6th and 7th Grade ELA
Kaylah Urie headshot
Kaylah Urie 7th Grade Math
Morgan Sagan headshot
Morgan Sagan 7th Grade Science
Asia Stewart headshot
Asia Stewart 8th Grade Science
Jasmynn Brown headshot
Jasmynn Brown 8th Grade ELA
Ashley Faulkner headshot
Ashley Faulkner 6th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Ronald McGee headshot
Ronald McGee Drivers’ Ed Teacher
Steven Reuter headshot
Steven Reuter Drivers’ Ed Teacher
Michael Williams headshot
Michael Williams 9th/10th Grade Math
Amani Young headshot
Amani Young 9th/10th Grade ELA
Anthony Davis headshot
Anthony Davis High School Algebra 2 & Pre-Calculus
Lauren Bravo headshot
Lauren Bravo 10th Grade Biology
Alisa Vidwans headshot
Alisa Vidwans 11th Grade Chemistry & Integrated 9th Grade Science
Julia Zammith headshot
Julia Zammith US History & French 1 & 2
ArenRenae Hamer headshot
ArenRenae Hamer Spanish Teacher
Richard Kearney headshot
Richard Kearney PE Athletic Director
Petra Cesarine headshot
Petra Cesarine CTE Health Science
Erica Hitchens headshot
Erica Hitchens CTE Health Science
Rafael Rodriguez headshot
Rafael Rodriguez 11th Grade World History & 9th Grade Civics

Education Fellows

Courtney Lykins headshot
Courtney Lykins ELA Fellow
Zoralis Ortiz headshot
Zoralis Ortiz Math Fellow
Erin Sweet headshot
Erin Sweet ELA Fellow Lead
Tomanise Chalmers headshot
Tomanise Chalmers Math Fellow Lead
Deanna Holmes headshot
Deanna Holmes ELA Fellow
Priyanka Nachane headshot
Priyanka Nachane ELA Fellow
Samantha Dalli headshot
Samantha Dalli Math Fellow
Madeline Ronga headshot
Madeline Ronga ELA Fellow
Ashley Brown headshot
Ashley Brown ELA Fellow
Alyson Moore headshot
Alyson Moore Math Fellow
Morgan Fabber headshot
Morgan Fabber Math Fellow
C’Yonna Henry headshot
C’Yonna Henry Math Fellow

Board Members

Cathy Holloway headshot
Cathy Holloway Board Member
Erica Hitchens headshot
Erica Hitchens Board Member: Teacher Representative
Jim Mazarakis headshot
Jim Mazarakis Board Chair
Keria Broadnax headshot
Keria Broadnax Board Member
Kelly Firment headshot
Kelly Firment Board Member
Michael Maxwell headshot
Michael Maxwell Board Member
Rysheema Dixon headshot
Rysheema Dixon Board Member
Robert Snowberger headshot
Robert Snowberger Board Member
Stephanie Toronto headshot
Stephanie Toronto Board Member

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